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Apply for Scholarships

The Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge is honored to administer over 30 scholarship funds, which will pay out over $85,000 this year, for graduating seniors and adults pursuing higher education. Each scholarship has its own specific purpose, selection, and eligibility criteria. All scholarships are competitive and will be selected based on the pool of qualified applicants. Scholarship awards are paid directly to the educational institutions or programs in which the successful candidates are enrolled.

See Scholarship Funds for a complete listing of active scholarships, otherwise, high school seniors should begin by selecting your high school and adult learners should scroll to the Adult Learner section below. Application deadline was March 20, 2017.

High School Students:

Only one online scholarship application is required and you may be eligible to receive one or more scholarships based on the specific high school from which you are preparing to graduate. Please select your high school, where you will find various scholarship opportunities, each with unique eligibility requirements. Please contact us if you have any questions or need clarification. We are here to help you!

High School Graduates & Adult Learners:

If you have already graduated from high school and are attending, or preparing to attend, a college or university, you may be eligible for one or more of the following scholarships: