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Sears Hill Bridge, Staunton

We greatly appreciate the generous contributions of our donors, many of whom choose to offer their unrestricted support of our daily work to enhance the communities we serve.

If you wish to:

Establish a new charitable endowment or non-endowed charitable fund, we invite you to explore your options and to contact us at your convenience. Together, we can create a personalized plan to fulfill your charitable goals.

If you wish to:

Donate to an existing charitable endowment or non-endowed charitable fund, or offer an unrestricted contribution, you may use one of the following donation options:

  • Checks: Please make your check payable to the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge (PO Box 815, Staunton, VA 24402-0815). Please include your instructions, if any, for how we are to use your contribution.
  • Credit Cards: Use our secure online contribution page to authorize a one-time or recurring contribution.
  • Publicly-Traded Securities: Authorize your broker or trust officer to initiate a transfer of securities to the Community Foundation’s brokerage account. Contact us for our account information.
  • Mutual Fund Shares: Begin by authorizing your broker or trust officer to request the necessary paperwork from the mutual fund provider required to complete a transfer of mutual fund shares to the Community Foundation.
  • Real Estate: Please contact us for instructions.
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA) assets: Congress takes action each year to authorize the renewal of its Charitable Rollover legislation, which permits IRAs owners age 70-1/2 or older to make contributions, totaling up to $100,000 annually, directly from their IRA account(s) to charitable organizations. These charitable transfers count toward the satisfaction of your minimum required annual distribution from your IRA. Although you cannot claim a charitable tax deduction for this form of contribution, you will have the advantage of excluding these IRA distributions from your taxable income.  (Please note that as of today, Congress has yet to renew this legislation for 2015.)
  • Other Non-Cash Assets: We also accept many gifts of tangible personal items (aka Gifts-in-Kind), such as works of art, that we can either liquidate or use for charitable purposes. Please contact us to discuss the appropriateness of contributing certain non-cash assets and the process for offering this form of contribution.