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Community Grants: Did You Know?

The Community Foundation distributes over $1 million in grants to nonprofit organizations, college scholarships, and our Dawbarn Education Awards each year.  We allocate over a quarter of those resources via our annual Community Grants Program, through which we invite nonprofit organizations to submit applications for grants.  The accompanying pages contain summaries of the 92 grant applications we received for 2017, which collectively exceed $625,000 in requests.

How does the Community Foundation make its grant decisions?

To aid us in the arduous task of reviewing 92 grant application, we recruited 18 community members to serve on our Community Grants Program committee.  They spent over a month reviewing the applications and then came together to discuss their individual merits and to recommend grants.

How can I help?

Should you have personal interest in any of the organizations that have submitted requests for support, we encourage you to:

  1. Contact them to learn more about their organization, offer them your time, or support their work with a personal contribution.
  2. Contribute to our Community Grants Program to help us fulfill a larger percentage of the total requests for support.
  3. Contact us at the Community Foundation to learn more about how you can establish an endowed fund, either now or through your estate, to support important charitable work in our community for many years to come.

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