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Augusta Regional Clinic

Fishersville, VA

Amount Requested: $10,000 for Children’s Dental Services

Mission: The Augusta Regional Free Clinic was established in 1993 to address the medical and pharmaceutical need of the community, providing a health safety net for area patients without health insurance or the means to pay for health care.  In May 2006, the ARFC answered the compelling need for access to dental care among the indigent in the community by establishing the Augusta Regional Dental Clinic (ARDC). It is part of the mission of the Augusta Regional Clinic (ARC) to provide dental related services for those who do not have dental insurance, are income qualified and do not have the means to pay the full cost of these services.

Constituents Served: Adults must have no dental insurance, live in Staunton, Waynesboro or Augusta County, meet the current household income guidelines, be employed or unemployed enrolled as a full time student, retired or on social security disability. They may also be a full time care giver or a stay at home parent.  Children may be enrolled in the “Smiles for Children” program (Medicaid, Famis or Famis Plus).  In 2015 there were 5,900 visits with an average of 2 visits per patient.  There were 206 patients age 0-9, 1239 patients age 10-21, and 885 patients 21 or older.

Program Overview: We seek to provide for the preventive and restorative treatment of an estimated 600 children from low-income families of Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County.  The treatment will take place at the Augusta Regional Clinic and in area elementary schools.  The Clinic places the children they serve on a six month recall (cleaning) schedule.  We also seek to continue the ORCAS (Oral Health, Resources, Care and Prevention, Assessments and Sealants) in our area elementary schools.

The Augusta Regional Clinic’s medical side is still the safety net provider for area patients without health insurance who have medical and pharmaceutical needs whether they are employed or unemployed as long as they meet the income requirements and do not have any type of insurance.

Current Operating Budget: $1,287,427

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