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Blue Ridge Medical Center

Arrington, VA

Amount Requested: $10,000 for the Latino Outreach Program

Mission: The Mission of Blue Ridge Medical Center is to provide patient-centered quality health care to all people in Nelson

County and surrounding communities; and to improve their general health and well-being through prevention, education,and treatment.

Constituents Served: Anyone can receive health care at Blue Ridge Medical Center (BRMC), located in Nelson County. The services of the health center’s Rural Health Outreach Program (RHOP), including the Latino Outreach Program, target people who are low income and experience access barriers to health care and/or disparate health outcomes due to those barriers to care. Eligibility for RHOP services as well as the BRMC sliding fee scale is based on income. People whose incomes are at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible for free or discounted health care throughout the center. To qualify, individuals complete an application and provide proof of income. Blue Ridge Medical Center served 8,462 patients in 2015. The Latino Outreach Program served 633 Hispanic/Latino people. 38% of those served were under 18. 48% were adults between the ages of 18 and 64. Almost 14% were 65 and over.

Program Overview: The Latino Outreach Program is part of Blue Ridge Medical Center’s Rural Health Outreach Program which provides community-based services for low income, uninsured people of all demographic categories. The Latino Outreach Program specifically provides culturally and linguistically appropriate health care access, education, and quality of care for Hispanic/Latino residents of Nelson County and surrounding communities. Over the years of service to the local Latino communities, the number of Spanish speaking patients at Blue Ridge Medical Center (BRMC) has increased. At BRMC, 69% of Latino patients are uninsured. About 77% qualify for the center’s sliding fee scale, indicating a decided income disparity when compared to other ethnic groups in the County. National statistics for Hispanics that are also true in Nelson County show that they are more likely to rely on community or public clinics for regular care, less likely to visit a doctor if uninsured, less likely to get routine screenings such as mammograms, be less satisfied with care primarily due to language barriers, and have less access to dental care than other local ethnicities.  RHOP offers a variety of services through its Latino Outreach Program to address the needs of the population and to equalize access and outcomes differences. Some services are seasonal, including health care provided using a mobile clinic at seven to ten camp residences and work sites of migrant and seasonal farmworkers.

BRMC facilitates annual or biannual meetings of the Nelson County Hispanic Services Summit, a local interagency group of organizations serving or employing Hispanics.  We also offer “Hispanic Community Day”, an annual RHOP event featuring exhibits and presentations related to health and human services available to Hispanics in the area. It includes immigration information, health screens, a clothing and linen closet, food, music, and children’s games. Typically around 200 individuals of all ages attend.

RHOP services for low income uninsursed patients of all ethnicities include home visits, screening events called “Health Depots”,  medical interpretation, transportation, and case management.

Current Operating Budget: $8,164,520

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