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Community Child Care, Inc.

Staunton, VA

Amount Requested: $10,000 for General Operating Support

Mission: Our mission is to provide a safe, secure environment for children that fosters physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Parents, as a child’s first and most important teachers, are an important part of the program. The center strives to develop a partnership between home and school, which benefits the development and growth of all children while providing affordable, quality child care for the children of Staunton and surrounding communities.

Constituents Served: All families with children ages 2.5 – 12 years regardless of income living in Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro. We served 64 children ages 0-5, and 18 children ages 6-11 last year.

Program Overview: Community Child Care Center’s main goal is to provide quality early childhood education and care to the greater Staunton City community. As a part of this goal the center is the only area nonprofit child care center that provides a sliding fee scale for those families who struggle financially but do not qualify for VADSS Child Care Subsidy.  To support the above goals the center focuses on providing quality programming for after school and summer youth and day care participants by including participation in community events, transportation to and from school, and educational field trips. In addition, by providing these services the center assures that its preschool participants are ready to learn when they enter kindergarten. In order to meet the needs of the families it serves the program needs safe, reliable transportation. Currently the center owns a 1992, 14 passenger Ford A110 Van. As this vehicles ages repairs have become more frequent, often resulting in the delay of key programming. The center has been fortunate to have had the volunteer services of a parent, who specializing in the repair of vintage vehicles, conduct necessary repairs and maintenance. However it is their recommendation that the center work towards upgrading to a newer pre-owned vehicle as securing parts for repairs is problematic due the obsolete nature of key parts. Funding is being sought to help offset this cost.

Current Operating Budget: $285,000

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