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Disciples Kitchen, Inc.

Waynesboro, VA

Amount Requested: $2,000 for Replacement Appliances

Mission: To offer a hot meal 4 times a week in East Waynesboro to anyone in need. Food is donated, prepared and served by more than 20 serving teams from area churches and civic organizations with the aim of eliminating hunger in Waynesboro. Disciples Kitchen provides take home meals on a food available basis at the end of the serving time. There are no leftovers.

Constituents Served: Anyone from Augusta County and Waynesboro who comes for a meal may receive one providing only that they adhere to behavioral expectations. We request name, age and gender for  tracking but these are not required. There is no means or religious test. In 2015, we served a total of 12,691 meals on 206 occasions for an average 62 meals per serving day. We serve about 200 individual persons per month and about 500 each year.  Our cost per meal is $0.55. Since our founding in 2007, we have served almost 80,000 meals to more than 500 individuals per year.

Program Overview: Disciples Kitchen depends on a Hobart Sanitizing Dishwasher, two ranges, and an ice maker in the kitchen at Second Presbyterian Church in Waynesboro for its ability to serve and cleanup in a safe and timely fashion. Disciples’ Kitchen, in partnership with Second Presbyterian Church, has been serving three lunches a week for eight years. To launch this service, Second Presbyterian offered full use of their kitchen, including a legacy commercial dishwasher and other appliances that are not commercial grade. These have served under demanding conditions for the past eight years, but the dishwasher has recently failed and is at the end of its useful life. Other appliances are in chronic need of repair, due to the stress of a heavy use environment. Disciples’ Kitchen has come to depend on the facility and the appliances and has therefore taken on the responsibility for maintenance and replacement.

The dishwasher stopped working in December 2015 and required a repair that would cost in excess of $1,600. It was determined that other repairs would be needed in the near future. The machine was over 15 years old and a decision was made to replace  rather than repair. The cost of replacement with installation is $6,680. The dishwasher has already been ordered. A deposit was made using our operating fund reserve (one year’s expenses).

The two ranges are bottom-of-the-line residential ranges. The heating elements have required several repairs that are a drain on the budget. We intend to replace the ranges with sturdier appliances that will provide better service. We expect to replace the ranges in 2016.

Disciples Kitchen relies on donations of all sizes from organizations and individuals to meet its operating expenses.

Current Operating Budget: $5,400

Program Budget: $11,680

Funding Committed for Program as of January 31 2016: $4,974

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