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Churchville, VA

Amount Requested: $7,500 for the Nonprofit Portal

Mission: Our mission is to revolutionize personal philanthropy by democratizing Donor Advised Funds. We deliver on this mission by providing a low-cost, efficient way for donors to make charitable contributions, recommend anonymous, unrestricted grants to their favorite charities, and continue their giving activities across generations.

Constituents Served: Individual donors, business donors, and most Virginia-based registered nonprofits are eligible to benefit from our services. Individual and business donors can create charitable investment funds, retaining advisory control over these funds as in a typical DAF, but delivered electronically. Registered nonprofits can use our platform to transact online donations while giving donors the option to grow the charity’s long-term sustainable fund, all in one easy-to-use interface.

Program Overview: giv2giv increases donations for other local nonprofits, saving time, money, and administrative resources.

In 2015 a group of local nonprofits joined together to shape and promote an online donation platform. These nonprofits include giv2giv, Staunton Augusta YMCA, The Institute for Reform and Solutions, Renewing Homes of Greater Augusta, and Crozet Arts. Together, we designed and built a ‘Donate Now!’ button. This button allows area nonprofits to use their websites to address not just immediate funding needs, but also progressively act on a long-term sustainability strategy. Building on the underlying giv2giv Donor Advised Fund platform tools available at, the ‘Donate Now!’ button met several identified critical needs, including a seamless method of accepting donations online, a means to build a sustaining fund for each participating nonprofit, and a means of informing donors of the relative immediate need versus the long-term need.

In partnership with these and other Virginia nonprofits, giv2giv continues to work on:

Frictionless integration with current charities’ fundraising initiatives
Easy donor communications, allowing charities to send “Thank you!” and provide momentum-building updates on programs to those donors who wish to stay connected.
Accessibility, management and growth of sustaining funds
giv2giv enjoys an ongoing partnership with LightCastle Technical Consulting that includes significant in-kind offsets for professional programming and design.

Current Operating Budget: $750

Program Budget: $13,000

Funding Already Committed for Program: $15,500

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