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Rockfish Valley Community Center

Nellysford, VA

Amount Requested: $10,000 for The Green Initiative

Mission: To provide venues for cultural, recreational, social, and educational activities for the residents of the Rockfish Valley, the citizens of Nelson County, Virginia, and the surrounding area.

Constituents Served: Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to become a member of RVCC.  Everyone, regardless of age, is eligible and welcome to access our programs, facilities, and services. Thousands of people pass through our doors each year, and the number increases with each year that passes.  As a community center, RVCC sponsors or hosts many classes, community meetings and events throughout the year, and provides the place and the space our community requires to fulfill its cultural, educational, recreational and social needs.  From our Game Nights, our athletic fields and playground, to our special arts, education and social programs for adults and seniors, we serve all age ranges within our community.

Program Overview:  Throughout our entire existence, we have striven to be good stewards of this venerable old building, and the beautiful environment in which it is located. Our request for assistance encompasses three distinct projects, all of which are components of  RVCC’s “Green Initiative” for 2016.

* Geothermal System Modification: Originally servicing the HVAC needs of the Hamner Theater at RVCC, the geothermal heating and cooling system has been idle since 2012.  We are seeking to re-duct the existing system to provide heating and cooling for adjacent rooms in RVCC.  The project would be completed at a cost of $12,500.  During the day, the redirected air flow would serve our Treasure Chest thrift store, providing the primary heating and cooling for this space.  In the evenings, the motorized dampers would reverse, providing heating and cooling of our Rockfish Lounge, which serves as the venue for our Coffee House Music Series performances and is frequently rented for parties and meetings.

* Condensate Steam Pipe Insulation:  Since November 2013, we have removed the asbestos insulation from the pipes delivering steam to the radiators of our heating system and re-insulated the feed lines.  We now need to insultate the condensate (return) lines to the boiler.  We have already seen a dramatic 30% reduction in fuel consumption this past heating season.  We estimate that we will save an additional 7-10% on heating oil this winter with the insulation of the condensate lines. This project will be accomplished entirely by volunteer labor, reducing the cost of the project to $1,617.

* Sash Window Refurbishment/Replacement:  There are 73 hung sash windows in the 1938 that houses RVCC.  They require refurbishment or replacement for reasons of both energy efficiency and aesthetics. Stage one of the effort will be to preserve the original façade of the building by refurbishing the 12 largest windows on the entrance side.  These windows are too large to be replaced by prefabricated units.  Restoration will require $600/window, or a total of $7,200.  Stage 2 of the effort will encompass the replacement of the remaining 61 windows, the total cost of which is estimated to be $31,000.

Support from the Community Foundation would help us meet the matching requirements of a 1:1 matching grant of $21,317 from the Perry Foundation.

Current Operating Budget: $326,800

Program Budget: $52,317

Funding Already Committed for Program: $23,467

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