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Staunton Augusta Waynesboro Habitat for Humanity, Inc.

Staunton, VA

Amount Requested: $10,000 for Veteran Build

Mission: We build and restore homes, lives and communities through faith.  Our primary activities are building and or rehabbing homes for low- to mid-income families.  We have a critical home repair program to help families that own a home but need significant repairs they can not afford.  Applicants are reviewed and accepted according to capability and we offer financial counseling services specific to home partners requirements that help them manage their credit.  We are also strongly concerned with healthy living, so we offer a community garden and a health fair that are both free of charge.

Constituents Served: Our housing services are available to low- to mid-income families and individuals. We currently have 7 families in our home partnership program that are waiting to receive a home.  Current homeowner families served by homes that we have built( not including rehabbing) number 47( 12 families have paid off their mortgages in our program).  We have over 300 people whom have benefitted from our housing program and another  200 people helped through our outreach programs such as the community garden and health fair, pumpkin fest and volunteer recognition. So approximately 500+ people directly benefitted from our program last year.

Program Overview: We are seeking funding of our newest home build to finance the foundation for a “Veteran Build”.  This home will be offered to a disabled/retired military veteran in addition to other homes currently being built.  We will be working with the American Legion, the VFW, and the local recruiting station. We want to help the state reach it’s goal of no homeless military veterans.  The home will be built on either new land obtained or land currently held by Staunton Augusta Waynesboro Habitat for Humanity.

Provided we receive the support and financial commitment in addition to our own affiliates contribution, we feel the home could be built and completed in 2016.  Initial preparations are already being considered as to location and costs.  We hope for construction to begin in May of 2016.  It takes approximately 16 weeks for a Habitat home to be built.

Since the beginning of our affiliate in 1993 we have built or rehabbed 72 homes and placed 535 or more individuals in need of decent affordable housing into homes locally.  The majority of these individuals are children(over 50%).  Each year our Community Health Fair attendance is increased and we continue to receive new support from local businesses for our programs.  Our current goal is to build or rehab a minimum of five homes a year.  Last year we were able to build or rehab three.

We  always look to involve volunteers and financial supporters to help us achieve our goal of a homeless free community.  Every year homelessness increases, rental housing costs go up, and the dream of a permanent home seems farther and farther away for many  families that live and work in our community. We need your support and community commitment to ensure our local economy is strengthened through affordable home ownership.

Current Operating Budget: $908,500

Program Budget: $90,000

Funding Already Committed for Program: $45,000