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Stu-Comm, Inc. (WNRN)

Charlottesville, VA

Amount Requested: $2,000 for Hear Together

Mission: WNRN is an independent nonprofit music radio station based in Charlottesville. WNRN’s mission is to strengthen communities through music, art and education.

Constituents Served: WNRN has seven signals serving Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Richmond, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Waynesboro, Lovingston, and Staunton and surrounding areas. Our weekly audience is almost 80,000 people.  WNRN ran over 200 “public service announcements” serving non-profit organizations with Community Connections including Rockfish Valley Community Center, Blue Ridge Medical Center, Shenandoah Valley Arts Center, Frontier Culture Museum, Allegheny Mountain Institute, and Wintergreen Adaptive Sports.  150 arts organizations received mentions of their events through Culture Connections, and over 20 profiles of non-profits and their volunteers including Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, JABA, Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary, and Hospice of the Piedmont.

Program Overview: WNRN serves other non-profits through the Public Service Program: Hear Together. To be eligible for a feature on one of the three programs within Hear Together, a non-profit organization needs to be a 501(c)(3) in good standing.  Each Community Connection script is written collaboratively with WNRN staff. The participating agency provides the information and sends representative community members to WNRN, where they record the announcement for the non-profit in their own voice. Culture Connection is done in a similar fashion as Community Connection in calling for information to be sent to the station through on air appeals.  Beryl Solla writes and voices it here. As Head of the Art Department at PVCC,  Solla uses her access to artists and organizations that support them in central Virginia to make Culture Connections in touch and able to help with up-and-coming art projects and theater, as well as established art galleries and councils work. “Hear Together Profiles” casts WNRN in a role where we initiate outreach to non-profit organizations to try and tell their story and help them gather volunteers. “Hear Together Profiles” were created to address specific issues including aging in place, art in place, school readiness, mental health and wellness, job readiness, water and land conservation, transportation, affordable housing, food security, and community health. WNRN actively reaches out to non-profits who use volunteers in their programs and are working on solutions to problems for citizens of our area.

By distributing the messages throughout our programming on a regular basis, WNRN’s Hear Together program is using a proven method of delivering inspiring messages to promote volunteerism and increase attendance at fundraising events to the active educated members of our community. In FY 2014/2015, “Hear Together” ran 230 Community Connections, and 52 Culture Connections featured 156 events totaling 386 announcements. Each announcement ran for at least a week or more. This year we plan to serve a similar number of agencies, saving each organization $950-$5000 per year.

Current Operating Budget: $1,075,000

Program Budget: $91,327

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