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Valley Young Life

Staunton, VA

Amount Requested: $10,000 for General Operating Support

Mission: To reach every youth in Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County.  We believe in the power of presence. Kids’ lives are dramatically influenced when caring adults come alongside them. Because their Young Life leader believes in them, they begin to see that their lives have great worth, meaning and purpose.  Mentors build relationships with teen moms, offering guidance in matters of faith, parenting and self-worth. This investment of time and heart has empowered positive, sustainable change.

Constituents Served: Valley Young Life serves all youth in the Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta county area.  Valley Young Life and YoungLives is designed for high school aged youth and teen mothers.  We have a vision to add WyldLife for middle school aged youth and Capernaum for youth with special needs.  With approximately 3,850 students attending the 6 high schools we are actively serving, we estimate we have built relationships with 45%. During 2015 Valley Young Life experienced record growth.  YoungLives grew by close to 300% and continues to see new teen mothers weekly.  Young Life grew by over 25% with record numbers of youth attending Club, Campaigners and Camp.   For the first time in our area, we are experiencing waiting lists for Camp and summer Camp work crew positions.

Program Overview: Young Life’s time-tested methods of reaching out to kids are few and simple – The 5 C’s:

(1) Club is a weekly party with a purpose.  Controlled chaos.  Kids call it the best night of their week.  Teen moms have Club tailored to their specific needs with added benefits including child care, meals and Life Skills.   Community members talk to teen moms about practical Life Skills ranging from infant care to financial planning and continuing education.   At the end of each night there’s Club talk where kids are reminded about God’s love for them.

(2) Campaigners is a time to learn and grow.  In the early days Young Life was referred to as “The Young Life Campaign”.  Campaigners is a weekly meeting for kids who wish to grow in their faith through study, service and leadership.   Kids are encouraged to celebrate their faith through participation in a local congregation.

(3) Camp is a time where deep relationships are forged in the midst of mind-boggling fun.  Where Club is the best night of their week, Camp is the best week of their lives.  Kids get to experience and listen to what we believe is the greatest love story ever told.

(4) Contact work is all about caring for kids.  Leaders and mentors show they care by going where kids are, meeting them as they are and believing in who they can be.  Friendships that last a lifetime.

(5) Committee is a group of dedicated adults who support the staff, leader and mentor team.  Committee exists to advance the ministry.  Area schools are asking for WyldLife which is designed specifically for middle school kids.   Area leaders are currently in training for Capernaum which is designed for kids with special needs.

Current Operating Budget: $204,000

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