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Vector Industries Foundation

Waynesboro, VA

Amount Requested: $10,000 for their New Manufacturing/Fulfillment Facility

Mission:   To operate a successful business that employs and trains persons with diverse disabilities to enable them to reach their potential as productive community members.

Constituents Served:   Since 1969 Vector Industries has given people with developmental and intellectual disabilities the opportunity to earn a living, develop skills and gain dignity, self-worth and pride while performing high quality work and offering value to area manufactures and other customers.   Vector Industries’ current workforce consists of approximately 100 individuals.  The disabled population, most of whom have 3 or more disabilities, represent about 75% of it’s workforce.   Vector has established employment criteria and partners with organizations such as the Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services who provide referrals for persons with disabilities residing in Augusta County and the cities of Waynesboro and Staunton.  Most of our population are economically disadvantaged and rely on social security disability or supplemental income benefits in addition to the wages earned at Vector to pay for their room, board, food, etc.  Many of our employees have tried and have been unsuccessful at competitive employment, largely due to their inability to get to and from the job site.

Program Overview:  Over 77% of Vector’s revenue comes from the work it does for area manufacturers and businesses.  From mechanical assembly to packaging to kitting and fulfillment, Vector employees provide valuable handwork for those tasks that cannot be automated.   Over the years, Vector Industries has been a valuable labor resource to the community.

One of the largest barriers to employment for persons with disabilities is simply, transportation.  From its inception, Vector and its Board of Directors have recognized this as a very real challenge and have been committed to providing transportation to employees who have no way to reasonably get to work.   In fulfill of its mission, but at a significant cost to the organization, Vector operates three bus routes daily throughout the cities of Waynesboro, Staunton, and Augusta County.  Vector’s transportation program allows a large portion of our special population the dignity of work and purpose and provides a valuable resource for Vector to meet its customer’s needs.   Each year, Vector incurs a significant financial loss due to the transportation program, typically more than $40,000.  Beginning in 2016, Vector Industries will promote “Vector Miles,” a campaign that encourages donations to offset the cost of providing transportation.

In 2015, Vector Industries Foundation purchased 1300 Hopeman Parkway in Waynesboro.  Vector’s previous location on Fairfax Avenue was 27,000 square feet, and Vector Industries had reached operational capacity with over 100 employees.  The new facility provides approximately 80,000 square feet and will allow Vector to expand services to area manufacturers and businesses.  However, the new facility had significant and expensive deficiencies that were corrected prior to occupancy.  Additionally, the Hopeman Parkway facility is a “work in progress” with several projects that have been identified for completion in the next few years.  Contributing to the capital needs of the Foundation insures that the organization’s long term needs will be addressed and protected.

Current Operating Budget: $183,813

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