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Wayne Theatre Alliance

Waynesboro, VA

Amount Requested: $7,500 for Equipment Completion for the Ross Center

Mission: To save the 1926 Wayne Theatre and return it to use as a performing arts center for the community and the region.  Over the last sixteen years, WTA  has worked to fund the project through direct donations, grants, and historic and new market tax credits.  During that time WTA established itself as an entertainment/cultural provider through its various events and festivals and through the operation of WTA’s Gateway from 2011 to 2014.  With a certificate of operation in hand, the Alliance opened the Ross Center at the Historic Wayne Theatre to the public in March, 2016.  Besides providing cultural and educational programming, the Ross Center will be available for meetings and events by other organizations, non-profit and for-profit.

Constituents Served: All programming and rentals are available to anyone who wishes to buy a ticket, attend a free event, or rent the Ross Center or one of the spaces in it. Because WTA closed the Gateway in June 2014 and put its emphasis on completing the reconstruction of the Wayne Theatre and fundraising, the organization did not have a regular season of performances.  It did continue the monthly River City Radio Hour by renting the Main Street United Methodist Church.  That generally served 100 to 120 per month.

Program Overview: Although the Ross Center opened in March 2016 with adequate equipment to support any program or event, there is still a list of sound, light, video, and stage scenery equipment that ultimately needs to be added to the Center’s inventory. This additional equipment will increase the ability of the Center to meet the needs of a wide range of users, including those who wish to rent the building or one of the spaces for either a performance, conference, meeting or private or public event.  This will give the Ross Center the ability to substantially increase the potential income from rentals.   The needed equipment has a total cost of $142,383.06.  The Alliance has prioritized the list and will purchase and install the equipment as funds  become available.

Current Operating Budget: $327,341

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