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Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry, Inc.

Waynesboro, VA

Amount Requested: $10,000 for Ruth’s WARM House

Mission: To provide support, temporary shelter or housing, and community development for homeless adults and families in the Waynesboro & Augusta County areas of Virginia. WARM’s services are delivered through a winter rotating (thermal) shelter for homeless adults and a transitional housing program for homeless women with children.

Constituents Served: In general, adults within each program’s targeted population who lack a fixed overnight residence or who are in crisis and will be imminently homeless may participate in WARM’s programs. Specifically, the targeted population for the transitional housing program (Ruth’s WARM House) is homeless adult women with at least one child who is legally in their custody or care. The targeted population for WARM’s Thermal Shelter is homeless adults, without children in their custody or care, who are in need of shelter and food during the coldest months of each year. Ruth’s WARM House served 16 women and 31 children from May to December 2015. WARM’s Thermal Shelter served 90 unduplicated homeless adults during its November 2014-March 2015 shelter season.

Program Overview:  2015 saw the reopening of our transitional housing program for homeless women with children. Through careful staffing and building community partnerships, the program served 16 families, successfully moving 8 families from homelessness to stable housing between May – December, while conducting a capital campaign that enabled us to pay off the debt for Ruth’s WARM House.

WARM’s primary 2016-17 goal is to continue building quality programs that are guided by professional and compassionate services to our homeless participants. The organization’s programs target homeless community members from Waynesboro and Augusta County. However, our participants include guests from Staunton who cannot be served at Valley Mission at their time of entry, participants who have a desire to reside in our area due to community ties, or are from neighboring areas that do not have an active homeless shelter such as Highland County.

Our 2016 goals for Ruth’s WARM House include providing transitional shelter for at least 16 families; assisting 10 families in obtaining permanent housing; and providing one-on-one case management for at least 16 residents (head of households) guided by individual need assessments using the Self-Sufficiency Matrix, an Individualized Plan of Care, and SMART goals with measurable outcomes. We also wish to develop families’ capacity to maintain stable housing and employment by providing aftercare case management for 12 months to families once they successfully complete their residency at Ruth’s WARM House; providing training and skill development for adult residents in life skills, food planning and nutrition, money management and budgeting, parenting skills, job readiness and employment searching with a focus on long-term employment goals; helping residents immediately obtain professional counseling and support services for substance abuse when a need or potential need is identified during initial case management session; and developing a reading volunteer program for all homeless children and a tutoring program for the school aged students within the program.

Current Operating Budget: $196,512