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Augusta Dog Adoptions

Mission: Augusta Dog Adoptions’ (ADA) mission is to promote the welfare of animals by providing rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing services, and ongoing humane education.

Community Need: One unspayed female dog and her offspring can produce tens of thousands of puppies in only 6 years.  This overabundance of animals is the reason 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in U.S. shelters each year.  Spay/neutering is the single most effective way to reduce these tragic numbers.  Few animals that need medical treatment or “special attention” make it through a shelter/pound to an adoptive home unless a rescue organization like ADA intervenes. Their nurturing foster homes provide the opportunity for medical and mental healing.  Through temperament assessment they can help determine what type of family/household would be the most suitable match for each animal.  For example, a dog could be too strong and rambunctious for small children but, be a great running/hiking companion for teenagers or adults.  Some dogs may not be good with cats, but, might enjoy another dog as a buddy.  ADA works extremely hard to find the perfect forever home for each of their homeless dogs.

Constituents Served: ADA accepts dogs from many circumstances into their foster program.  Their service area focuses on Augusta County, Highland County, Staunton, and Waynesboro.  Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center (SVASC) in Lyndhurst, VA has been their single largest source of animals.  They also work with Highland County Animal Shelter and several high-kill rate shelters in SW Virginia and North Carolina to save as many lives as possible.  Owner surrenders and animals left after an elderly owner has passed away are also a notable portion of their fosters.

Since 2007 ADA has saved the lives of more than 3000 dogs!  Their growing awareness and success in the community has resulted in a consistent rate of 400-450 saves per year during the last 5 years.  The SVASC opened in 2011 and over the years they have fostered more than 900 dogs from that facility, significantly helping them to achieve their commendable 95+% save rate.

Primary Activities: Many of the dogs ADA accepts into their foster program are left behind by other rescues because they are often considered “unadoptable” or “difficult to adopt”.  They are frequently the last resort for large & mixed breeds, hounds, pit bull types and senior dogs that are days from euthanasia.  Their many devoted foster homes provide the opportunity for temperament assessment, healing from medical conditions, and helping dogs learn to trust and love, some for the first time in their lives.  They then offer the public a healthy, fully vetted dog that is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and ready for adoption at an affordable fee ($175).  They are a PetSmart adoption partner and hold adoption events at PetSmart in Waynesboro.  ADA also participates in many other community outreach events.

They are utilizing their strong social media presence to encourage followers (13,000) to become more active in local and state legislative processes involving animal welfare.  They are currently advocating for laws/ordinances that provide protections for chained outdoor dogs and for weather related safety measures for animals.

Amount Requested: $5,000

Operating Budget: $115,000

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