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Augusta Regional Clinic

Mission: The Augusta Regional Clinic (ARC) provides health care and related services to those persons, and their families, who are making a sincere effort to support themselves, but who do not have the means to pay for such services.

Community Need: The Dental Clinic at the ARC is a Medicaid provider for both children and adults.  Despite these services, the ARC falls far short of filling the needs of the community. According to the latest Community Needs Assessment, the area remains very high on the poverty scale, with 23.8% of the children in Staunton, 12% of the children in Augusta County, and 28.6% of the children in Waynesboro living below the poverty level. This is partially to blame on education levels, with close to 40% of residents having only a high school education and an additional 17.4% without even a GED. According to the Virginia Atlas of Community Health (VACH), people with incomes at or below 200 percent of the poverty level are more than twice as likely to be uninsured as people at higher income levels.  In addition, the VACH reports that over 5,000 people in the community (Staunton 935, Waynesboro 1,065, and Augusta County (3,041) had no dental visit in previous years, and a high percentage of those had teeth in poor condition.

Primary Activities: The ARC provides both medical and dental services. The Medical Clinic provides primary care, chronic disease management care, diagnostic services, medications, referrals to specialists, health education, health programs, and limited mental health services to residents of Staunton, Waynesboro, or Augusta County, who do not have health insurance and who meet the basic income eligibility guidelines of 250% of the Federal poverty level. The Dental Clinic serves the uninsured and is a Medicaid provider for both children and adults. Ultimately, the ARC provides their patients with compassionate, consistent, and high-quality care, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Constituents Served: The ARC serves patients from the Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County area. The dental clinic sees over 2,800 uninsured adults and children a year. In spite of this, the clinic carries a waiting list two to three months out, and frequently is unable to accept new patients. Children however, are always given first priority for scheduling. The medical clinic serves adult residents who do not have health insurance and who meet the basic income eligibility guidelines of 250% of the Federal poverty level. Approximately 1,000 individual patients were seen last year with over 4,000 patient visits.

Program Details: The Outreach, Resources, Care and Prevention, Assessments and Sealants (ORCAS) Program was launched in order to find a way to identify and bring in the many children in the community who previously had no dental care. A team from the ARC travels directly to each of their nine local elementary schools annually (between September and May) and sees patients onsite. The team has a traveling setup, with dental chairs, equipment, and supplies specifically for these visits. A dentist and two technicians, in addition to a dental educator, goes on each visit. Because of this, 100% of the 645 children seen annually see both a hygienist and a dentist.

Amount Requested: $10,000

Operating Budget: $1,532,012


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