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Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church

Mission: The mission of Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church (Augusta Stone) is to be a caring community of faith which shares the love and teachings of Jesus Christ with persons everywhere through their words and actions.

Community Need: Like most churches, the human needs they seek to address are many such as the basic needs of food, shelter and clean water; the emotional need for a safe and welcoming community; and the spiritual need for meaning and value in our lives.  To fulfill the opportunity to be a supportive part of the strong, musical tradition of the Shenandoah Valley, Augusta Stone much appreciated by many local musicians.  The addition of an updated and higher quality pipe organ would be an added resource both for their own worship and various mission activities (such as their annual Food Bank Concert which has raised over $70,000 in the last 15 years), and for concerts given by professional and non-professional musicians in the wider Staunton and Augusta County community.

Primary Activities: The most important activity of their church is the worship of God.  Also integral to their community are all sorts of educational experiences such as Bible study, to learn the foundational teachings of their faith; and service in their local and world community in order, both, to alleviate hunger, homelessness and other forms of human suffering and to educate ourselves about the underlying causes of those issues.  Augusta Stone seeks to be a church which welcomes members of the broader Shenandoah Valley non-profit community to use their facilities to expand or promote their programs.

Constituents Served: The ministries and services of their church are available to anyone but most of those who either attend or are served by their congregation reside primarily in Augusta County or Staunton.  They have approximately 180 members, but hundreds of individuals (those benefitting from their support of S.A.C.R.A., the Verona Food Pantry, the Blue Ridge Food Bank, Valley Mission, Shenandoah Academy for Children, social services for foster children in Augusta County, Augusta Health cancer support group, and others) were touched by the service of the church in 2017.

Program Details: The particular purpose of this grant request is to secure the remaining funding needed to renovate the pipe organ in their sanctuary.  The have already reached 96% of the total funding required.

The organ was originally built and installed in the early 1920’s.  Some significant improvements were completed on the organ in the 1960’s, but since that time little more than basic maintenance has been done.  Now, all of the old electrical wiring throughout the instrument is corroding and causing multiple problems in the console and in the wind chests.  For example, many keys don’t sound when depressed and some pipes make noise when they are not supposed to do so.  The solution recommended by their professional advisors was the complete replacement of all of the old wiring throughout the organ with digital action and relays, as well as several other repairs related to the organ’s stop jambs, coupler board, draw knobs, toe and thumb pistons.  Also included in the renovation project will be the replacement and addition of several ranks of pipes, the goal being to improve the overall quality of the organ’s sound.

Amount Requested: $4,000

Operating Budget: $180,132

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