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Disciples Kitchen

Mission: The primary mission of Disciples Kitchen is to feed the hungry in Waynesboro.

Community Need: Food insecurity is a recognized need in the Waynesboro community. In addition to their meal program, there are several food pantries in Waynesboro and less frequent meal programs. Persons who come to their meals program may have limited incomes (social security or SSI or none), be homeless, or be recently released from incarceration or mental institutions.  Children generally come from families that qualify for free or reduced price lunches at school and those who are working have limited incomes.

Constituents Served: Anyone who is in need of a meal and behaves appropriately is welcome to come for a meal. In 2017, Disciples Kitchen served 522 individuals at lunch, averaging 40 persons per meal with a range of 20 to 100 persons.  The age ranges are as follows: 8% under 5 years of age; 10%, 6-18 years; 75%, 19-65 years; 7%, over 65. School age children are served when school is not in session. There is a core group of single men, most over 65, who come most often.

Primary Activities: Disciples Kitchen serves four hot meals a week in east Waynesboro: lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; breakfast on Saturday morning.

Their goal is to continue serving four meals a week to those who are present. Their serving teams usually prepare more than enough food and are often able to provide a take-home meal to clients who request one. To accomplish this, they need to continue recruiting and retaining serving teams. In 2017, they started a newsletter and to enrich communication with their volunteers.

In 2017, they celebrated 10 years of service. In October, they served their 100,000th meal. They updated their website so it displays properly on tablets and smart phones. Contributions from individuals made through their website have increased.

Amount Requested: $1,000

Operating Budget: $8,050



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