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Fort Defiance Indian Band Boosters

Mission: The Fort Defiance Indian Band Boosters (Band Boosters) serves as a resource and support group to help the Stewart Middle School and Fort Defiance High School Band Programs succeed.

Community Need: There are currently around 130 students that rely on school band instruments. The Marching Band program provides most of its participants with instruments since they are specialized instruments used only in the Marching Band. All percussion, tubas, bass, and any other large instruments that students rely on for in school band classes, practices, rehearsals, and concerts are not provided. The Band Boosters, want to provide musical instruments for every student who cannot afford to buy or rent their own instrument. This will allow them to participate in opportunities offered by the Band Program.

Primary Activities: The Band Boosters is made up of parent volunteers who meet monthly and are responsible for all fundraising, finances, advertising, and grant writing. They organize and work concessions, chaperone all functions, and competitions. They repair, fit, and sew all uniforms and cook meals before games.  They maintain the Pizza Booth and Arts trailer. They get all Pitt Crew instruments on and off the football field at Marching Band Competitions and transport students when necessary.

The Band Program offers many opportunities; Concert Band, Marching Band that performs in Marching Band Competitions all over Virginia, play at all football games and support the team. Pep Rallys. Auditions to perform in Valley, County, District, Regional, and State Orchestra and Concert band performances. Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band. They play with the choir,  Bella Voce, and pitt for the school musical. They join community [arades and play for graduation. They play for local organizations, if asked. In the ppring, both middle and high school perform “Beats and Eats” an outdoor concert where food trucks gather and serve food to the local community.

Constituents Served: Any student from 6-12th grade in Stewart Middle School and Fort Defiance High School in Augusta County that joins the Band Program. There are a total of 295 students: 6th grade (80); 7th (45); 8th (51); 9th (40) 10th (43); 11th (21); and 12th (15).

Program Details: This year, the Band Booster is focusing on replacing their old, irreparable instruments. Purchasing new instruments will be the board’s main concern until all musical instrument needs are fulfilled. In addition, continuous year to year operating expenses get top priority. The Band Boosters fundraise to supplement funds that are not covered by the annual allowance dispersed by the Augusta County School District.  The purchased instruments will stay at the school for all students to use. With proper respect, use and teaching, they will last for years. So far the Band Booster has received $9,236.70 towards instrument replacement needs.

Amount Requested: $10,000

Operating Budget: $44,000

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