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Renewing Homes of Greater Augusta

Mission: The mission of Renewing Homes of Greater Augusta (RHGA) is to accomplish, at no cost to the homeowner, critical home repairs or modifications for low-income elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged homeowners in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County.

Community Need: RHGA believes that every person, from every square mile contained in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County has the right to decent, affordable housing. ¬†Through years of generational poverty, bequests of aging homes, or ill-advised investments into substandard housing, those who are most vulnerable are living in substandard housing within a community, and a country, that has such great affluence and wealth. ¬†Commercial home repairs can be prohibitively expensive. For low-income individuals, they often face the tough choice of replacing a broken water heater or feeding their family. When RHGA takes on the financial burden of costly home repairs, these families are able to pay for more pressing items like clothing or food. Volunteers are critical to this passing of costs-savings to the client. RHGA estimates that for every dollar spent, they achieve three dollars’ worth of commercial repairs. A $500 RHGA project could cost a homeowner well over $1,500 if they hired a contractor or skilled handyperson

Primary Activities: RHGA’s activities take place via two programs – Critical Home Repairs (CHR) and the RAMPS initiative. The CHR program facilitates repairs for local homeowners that keep or make their home safe, warm, dry, and accessible. At times, RHGA will simply build a wheelchair ramp so that a homeowner can safely access their home. Other projects may involve a new roof, toilet, subfloor, or added insulation. The CHR are completed by volunteers, allowing RHGA to maximize the impact of their dollars. ¬†¬†The RAMPS Initiative is their second program that provides temporary, modular wheelchair ramps for local homeowners living with a disability. When a homeowner is no longer in need of a ramp, they are able to recycle that ramp installing at another home for someone in need.

Constituents Served: RHGA provides services to homeowners who have an income at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guideline and live in Staunton, Waynesboro or Augusta County. RHGA does not perform work to rental properties.  All homes must have critical needs that will make or keep the home safe, warm, dry, and accessible. RHGA does prioritize elderly and disabled homeowners and takes into account any potential help that could be provided by family in the area.  During 2017, RHGA they served 76 local individuals whose ages ranged from: 0 to 5 (5); 6-11 (7); 12-17 (5); 18-23 (1); 24-44 (14); 45-54 (5); 55-69 (28); and 70+ (11).

Program Details:  This proposal will specifically fund Critical Home Repairs program.  In order to provide these services, RGHA needs volunteers, funding, and a homeowner. The CHR program enables a community to repair the current housing stock rather than replacing it. RHGA performs necessary repairs that ensure homeowners can continue living in their home. They work in all three communities and serve those who have the greatest need.  Affordable housing in rural communities across the nation struggle with aging homes, decreases in income, and inabilities to perform or pay for critical home repairs.

Amount Requested: $10,000

Operating Budget: $272,023

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