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Rockfish Valley Community Center

Mission: The mission of the Rockfish Valley Community Center (RVCC) is to provide a venue for cultural, recreational, social and educational activities for the residents of the Rockfish Valley, the citizens of Nelson County and the surrounding area.

Community Need: RVCC was founded 18 years ago to address the need for a place where “community” could happen in the Rockfish Valley.  Until that time, community gatherings had taken place historically in churches, in schools and at private businesses or homes. While quantification of the need for a community space such as RVCC is difficult, the history of growth in programming and membership speaks to the fulfillment of their mission.

Primary Activities: RVCC sponsors or hosts a variety of programs and events that satisfy the educational, recreational, social and cultural needs of their membership in Nelson County, including classes and seminars, concerts, art exhibits, theater, sporting events, parties and other social gatherings.  They also provide a venue for use or lease by other community businesses, organizations or individuals to conduct their businesses or host similar events. RVCC will encourage activities promoting and providing opportunities for residents of all ages to experience physical, social, intellectual and cultural growth and development. To that end, a broad spectrum of activities shall be available, responsive to demand evidenced through requests and evidenced by support through participation and volunteer commitment.

Constituents Served: Anyone age 18 and over is eligible to be a member of RVCC, and their facility is open to everyone.  Literally thousands of people pass through their doors and onto their fields on an annual basis, and most of their over 650 members visit many times a year.  The RVCC serves only 31% of Nelson County’s land mass, but over 50% of its population.

Program Details:  The “Green Initiative, Too” is a compilation of projects that will help further RVCC’s goal of improving energy efficiency in their historic building that will celebrate its 80th birthday in 2018.  Building upon the successes of their nearly $100,000 capital campaigns, grant proceeds and other donated funding in their current fundraising drive will be used in 2018 to complete the following:

  • A roof sealing and painting (front of main building): Seal gaps and re-paint with new-technology reflective paint to preserve tin and improve energy efficiency;
  • Basketball court lighting: Install timer-controlled LED lighting for outdoor court and skate ramp;
  • Install central air conditioning (front of main building): First phase of longer-term project to replace inefficient window units throughout main building;
  • Upgrade interior lighting: Remove all ballasts and replace fluorescent tubes with LEDs, to reduce energy costs by estimated 35%;
  • Improve ceiling insulation (Annex):Increase blown-in insulation to achieve code-requirements
  • Replace window treatments with energy-efficient blinds in final two rooms of main building; and
  • Replace floorboards, seal & refinish dining room floor – improve safety, thermal efficiency and appearance of floors damaged by steam leaks & termite infestation in years past.

Amount Requested: $10,000

Operating Budget: $303,559

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