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Staunton Augusta Church Relief Association (SACRA)

Mission: The mission of the Staunton Augusta Church Relief Association (SACRA) is to provide emergency financial assistance to those residents of Staunton and Augusta County in need of help with utilities, evictions, medications and food.

If you wish to contact SACRA for financial assistance:

Physical Address:  205 N. Augusta Street, Staunton

Phone:  540-886-3957 (voicemail not available)

Days of Operation– Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

If you are seeking help with an eviction, bring a copy of your lease, formal eviction notice, and phone number so that the volunteer may contact your landlord.

Community Need: SACRA provides funding for citizens who are in a crisis situation due to cut-off notices from utilities, eviction notices or are in need of food. This grant request focuses on rent assistance for those being evicted.  There are very few agencies or churches that provide rent assistance.  Those that do have strict guidelines, narrowing the applicants by age or number of children in the home.  Rent fees have increased over the last several years making it difficult for those on limited income or faced with a job loss or illness.

Constituents Served: SACRA serves households in Staunton and Augusta County who are eligible for emergency assistance with termination notices for electric, gas, water and eviction notices. They are unable to pay very large bills. They also provide food and medication help for low income families.  All requests are checked out by the volunteer staff. For the fiscal year 2016-2017, SACRA helped 545 households financially and 343 families with food.  In relationship to those clients with evictions, they were able to assist 151 clients.

Primary Activities: SACRA is opened Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to serve clients needing assistance.  Volunteers meet individually to assess need and eligibility of client. The worker contacts utilities and landlords to verify the needed amount to continue services. Checks are sent directly to them and not to clients. Eligibility for bills is only every six months but they provide food once a month.

SACRA’s goal is to continue to provide assistance to those needing emergency funds for utility cut-offs and evictions.  In order to do this they must have donated funds from the community as well as committed volunteers to vet the client’s needs and eligibility following board policies.

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