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Stonewall Brigade Band

Mission: The mission of the Stonewall Brigade Band (SBB) is to offer high quality music programs and performances to benefit the citizens and the community; to encourage and recruit musicians; to preserve the musical heritage of the Shenandoah Valley and; to continue in perpetuity the long history of the Stonewall Brigade Band.

Community Need: The presence of the SBB creates a sense of musical community for amateur, professional, and retired musicians and aficionados of music.  It provides musical entertainment and education for many residents and tourists to the Valley through a variety of venues.  With the continued no-vote by the Virginia House of Delegates where no homeschooled or privately schooled student is able to participate in public school activities, including music and sports, it became apparent that a large segment of the Valley’s population is without a musical education/opportunity. Their first attempt to breach this gap was provided through grants and other funding sources in 2017 to enable the Stonewall Brigade Band to offer a Preparatory Band program to enable many home-schooled students and other individuals who have no ability to obtain a musical education.

Primary Activities: The SBB conducts a summer concert series (12-13 performances); an annual holiday performance with goodwill donations to Salvation Army and Valley Mission; performances by invitation at many civic and historical events; small ensemble performances around the community, particularly to non-mobile and elderly populations; and auxiliary musical learning opportunities for all.

Constituents Served: There are over 100 active members in the SBB representing at least 12 counties throughout Virginia and W. Virginia.  More than 600 audience members attended the Christmas concert, and there are approximately 300+ audience members in attendance at each of the day/evening summer performances.  In total, during 2017, 7,500+ individuals (40% are 60+ years of age) enjoyed the benefits of the SBB and ensembles.  The Stonewall Brigade Preparatory Band enabled 27 students and family members to participate in their program.

Program Details:  The Stonewall Brigade Preparatory Band program continues to enable 27 students and family members to participate.  The SBB will continue to locate used “attic” or discarded instruments and fund any needed repairs.  These instruments will be loaned to the students of the Preparatory Band.  Beginning and intermediate music education will be provided through a certified music instructor.  The program will continue to be intergenerational and without economic restrictions. Invitation to join the Preparatory Band will be expanded to include all homeschooled organizations, small private institutions, homeless shelters or other assistance organizations, and all others in the Valley who are unable but desire to participate in a musical education.  As students improve they may request to join the SBB and will be paired with a suitable musician mentor.

Amount Requested: $10,000

Operating Budget: $25,548

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