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The Arc of Augusta

Mission: The Arc of Augusta (The Arc) is committed to education, awareness, advocacy and providing services for all children and adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) in the cities of Staunton and Waynesboro, and Augusta County.

Community Need: The Arc of Augusta offers a non-waiver Scholarship Program to provide funding to enable I/DD individuals who lack either sufficient personal funds or one of the state waivers to attend adult day support programs. Day support programming is necessary for continued education, socialization and respite needs of I/DD individuals. The Arc Day support program is the only I/DD day support program in Augusta County and one of very few in the state that accepts individuals regardless of their ability to pay.  As of January 2018, there are 145 I/DD in the Augusta County Community Services Board catchment area that are on the state wide wait list for services which currently has 12,360 people waiting for waiver services.  Their goal is to provide some level of service to meet a portion of that need in this area.  As long as there is a wait list for I/DD waiver services, The Arc will offer this program.  The single largest cause for the gap in service provision is cost, the state of Virginia is unwilling to end the wait list and fully fund the waiver program, and instead waiver slots are added slowly each year, while the wait list grows.

Primary Activities: The Arc currently provides services for 32 individuals between their two adult day support programs and of that number, four are non-waiver individuals. They are licensed for 36 individuals and currently have four referrals pending review and consideration, of that number, one is non-waiver. Besides their two adult day support programs, they offer educational opportunities to the general public, engage in advocacy activities on behalf of the individuals they serve and advocate to the general public to raise awareness.  They also participate with other Arc Chapters in Virginia to educate elected officials on the needs to continue to make changes via legislation that will have a direct impact on the quality of life and the access to services for the individuals they represent and serve.

Constituents Served: They are licensed to serve adults with a primary diagnosis of having an intellectual disability. Their service area includes the cities of Staunton and Waynesboro, and Augusta County.  They also offer advocacy services in Highland County.  They provided unduplicated services to 32 I/DD adults in 2017, of that number six individuals did not have the Medicaid Waiver and received either a full or partial scholarship to attend the Day Support Programs.  The age ranges are as follows: 18-25 (1); 26-35 (14); 36-50 (6); 51-65 (10); and 66-75 (1).

Program Details:  The Arc of Augusta, their membership, and Board of Directors believe in offering scholarships for I/DD individuals to participate in day programming due to the unmet needs that exist with this population, even when available to serve a few individuals. Serving all may not be possible but serving where they can and making a difference is why this program matters and why they undertake this work.

Amount Requested: $5,000

Operating Budget: $312,560

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