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Three Notch'd Road

Mission: Three Notch’d Road’s mission is to promote the arts, including by promoting interest in and appreciation of music of the baroque era, sponsoring live musical performances, and educating audiences regarding baroque music.

Community Need: Three Notch’d Road provides an unusual and very special type of programming, which is not broadly available in the region.  In Staunton they provide off-season programming outside of the Staunton Music Festival and are the only full time professional baroque ensemble in the region.  They are proud to be a unique “niche player” in this area.

Constituents Served: Three Notch’d Road markets to all persons in their geographic service area (about a 50 mile radius of Charlottesville).   The majority of the concert series attendees are over the age of 50, but offer free tickets to all students from Kindergarten to college.  Last year they served 1,700 adults and 400 youth. They are on track so far this season to reach an expected 2,500 live listeners.  They also have produced a CD and have a solid presence on the internet.

Primary Activities: Each year, Three Notch’d Road performs a season concert series of four programs which are performed at least in Charlottesville and in Staunton, and sometimes in other locations.  They also provide frequent free school concerts to engage younger listeners and play at libraries, retirement homes and at special schools such as the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind.  Three Notch’d Road also often collaborates to perform with and for other regional music groups. This last year, they were invited to perform a concert at the biennial festival of the Early Music Association, the most prestigious professional association for early music.  That concert was performed in Boston, was very well attended and drew excellent reviews.

Their goals are to continue to draw exceptional quality musicians at a competitive rate of compensation and continue to “wow” their audiences with the highest quality performances as reflected by increased audience sizes throughout the years. To this last effort, they are seeking to refine some of their programming with the goal of providing slightly smaller, more intimate performances.

Amount Requested: $1,000

Operating Budget: $58,430

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