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Verona Community Center

Mission: The mission of the Verona Community Center is to provide a place where the Verona community and its neighbors can come together for fellowship, service, meetings and recreation in a safe and convenient environment promoting wholesome values and community cooperation.

Community Need: This is a generous community. It is also a community experiencing new stresses as industrial parks are developed, the county government complex expands, and more and more homes are built on the surrounding hills. The Verona Community Center is a place where young and old, and rich and poor can come and do their part to make sure Verona remains a caring community.

Primary Activities: The Verona Community Center provides a no-pay internet cafe with use of laptops and Wi-Fi, as well as snacks, coffee or tea.  They provide five rooms of various sizes to civic groups, families, youth groups, and businesses for meetings, training, celebrations, service projects and recreational activities.  The management board has a particular interest in promoting life skills and training for all local citizens with an emphasis on youth, low-income families and seniors.

The Verona Community Center plans to provide training and service programs for underprivileged you and low income families.  These goals will be accomplished through efforts of volunteer management board members and other volunteers.

Constituents Served: The Verona Community Center provide services to residents of, and visitors to, Verona and the surrounding area in Augusta County.  Since their opening in 2016, they have served 25,710 people.  Of that number, approximately 50% were over age of 50, 25% were 18-49, 10% youth, and 15% low-income and individuals seeking aid or referrals.

Program Details:  The Verona Community Center has one large room at the back of center that is not usable to any degree during cold months due to there not being any heat source to that part of facility.  This room is set up for use mostly by youth with hoops, air hockey tables, and other games.  There is a need for a heated room to serve the Verona youth year round.

Amount Requested: $2,500

Operating Budget: $106,250

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