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Waynesboro Parks and Recreation

Mission: Waynesboro Parks and Recreation strives to improve the quality of life for all area citizens by providing a variety of enjoyable leisure opportunities.  In acknowledging the wide range of interests, abilities, and needs in the community, it is important to offer an assortment of recreational activities that will provide a positive experience for participants.

Community Need: The current need the Waynesboro Parks and Recreation is seeking to address is the lack of recreational spaces/activities for Waynesboro’s teenagers, particularly those living in the Rosenwald Community Center area.  They have observed that there is a particular need for a safe and inviting, home-like environment for many of the kids that hang out around the facility.  Many have one or two parents that are completely missing from their life, and are lacking active adults to provide guidance and to help with some of the chaotic issues most teens experience. Most of the children are low-income, many are frequently hungry, do not have readily available transportation, and some just want a place to come to so they can warm up (or cool off.)  Overall, they have noticed a need/desire for the teens to have ‘a place’ to go where they can feel safe, welcome, and have fun.  Currently, there are at least 30 teens that are in the target group that currently frequent the center, and many more occasional visitors.

Primary Activities: Waynesboro Parks and Recreation currently offer a variety of recreational activities including: exercise and cooking classes, day trips, races, special events, swim lessons, children’s classes, athletic programs, and more. In addition, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy time at one of the parks.  These activities may include kayaking, jogging, swimming, playing on playground, going on a picnic, hiking, and among others.

Constituents Served: Anyone is eligible for their services.  While they primarily serve Waynesboro, all of their programs and activities are open to the public, regardless of where someone lives. Because of the broad nature of programming offered, there is no data available truly capturing the large numbers served.  Many of their services are in the form of passive recreation, such as enjoying 1 of 7 City parks, walking the Greenway, open gym and playground at Rosenwald, and special events.  In more structured programming, such as classes, races, and trips, where registration was required, Waynesboro Parks and Recreation served approximately 4,000 individuals. Of this number, it is estimated that about 75% were adults, 5% were teens, and the remaining 20% were children in elementary school and younger.

Program Details:  Given the lack of recreational spaces and activities for teenagers, particularly those living in the Rosenwald Community Center area, the Waynesboro Parks and Recreation will need a variety of special items to create inviting place that the teens will take pride in calling their own, and want to regularly hang out.  Special purchases include: carpet or floor tiles, Wi-Fi, a TV cabinet with a lock, a phone charging tables, Netflix, and furniture.  Both the Office on Youth and the Waynesboro Health Department have expressed interest in partnering.  The Health Department would like to offer weekly classes on teen health issues and the Office on Youth would like to offer programs on a variety of topics such as job search, peer pressure, parenting, and self-esteem, among others.

Amount Requested: $6,500

Operating Budget: $1,839,766

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