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2020 Nonprofit Workshops

Cindy Colson, Center for Nonprofit Excellence

The Community Foundation, in partnership with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, is pleased to once again offer workshops for nonprofit organizations. We are currently working to confirm workshop topics. With the current threat of COVID-19, we are postponing the launch of our 2020 nonprofit workshop series until the summer or fall. Stay tuned!

Please find below a listing of 2019 nonprofit workshop topics:

Topic:  Nonprofit Board Leadership

In a highly-functioning organization, the Chair of the Board of Directors leads the Board in the oversight, thinking, and support that is critical to good governance. With the Executive Director, the Chair prioritizes what is most critical for the Board to address and sets the tone for the organization’s work.  In this workshop, participants will learn valuable tips on how to build leadership skills and make the Chair’s tenure as successful as possible.

Workshop participants will learn:

  • Nonprofit Board Chair responsibilities
  • Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
  • Executive Director/Chair partnership
  • Building consensus
  • Chair succession planning

Topic: Your Case for Support & Persuasive Advocacy

The second installment in our 2019 Nonprofit Workshop Series is a very special, two-part event designed to elevate the impact of your organization’s case for support and your personal delivery of that case to move your audience to action.

Part 1: Your Case for Support
Stir donors to action with a persuasive Case for Support. Learn how to create a document and an evolving story that speak to the hearts of your key stakeholders and remind them why your organization matters to your community. Workshop participants will work in small groups to develop a powerful narrative of how your organization is poised to meet the community’s needs and a clear road map for continuing and completing your Case for Support.

Part 2: Persuasive Advocacy
Develop your story-telling ability to capture the hearts and minds of your audience. An examination of Shakespeare’s expertise in story-telling will help you create memorable moments for your current and prospective supporters. We will also explore the impact of non-verbal communication. Just as actors inhabit the characters they play in non-verbal ways that support their story, you will consider the conscious and unconscious choices you are already making and discover other options that will elevate the presentation of your case for support.

Topic: Grant Writing Nuts and Bolts

Preparing and submitting a successful grant proposal can be an intimidating process for both new and also experienced grant writers. While there is no one magic formula to use when writing grants, there are many best practices to lean on that will heighten your chances for success. Join independent grant writer and CNE consultant member, Laurie Rogers, to learn practical and proven techniques to strengthen your grant writing power and secure funds for your organization.

Participants will learn:

  • Steps to ensure your agency is grant-ready
  • Tips and resources for grant research
  • Helpful talking points to use with funders prior to proposal submission
  • Tools to use for building each component of the proposal

Topic:  Navigating Organizational Change

Change is hard. But it can also be a catalyst for incredible opportunities. Learn how to make the most of the big things that come your way – the things you planned, and the things you didn’t. During this organizational change overview we will cover the fundamentals of change, including succession planning, and learn from examples of how organizations have thrived through change and made mistakes that provide valuable learning opportunities. Join Lindsey O’Pries, consultant with the Spark Mill,  by bringing your own examples and scenarios to the workshop and we will spend some time working through them together.

Topic:  Broadening the Base for Annual Support

Annual support is the life blood of an organization. Learn how to broaden your fundraising base by planning, segmenting and bringing donors through the giving cycle. Participants will leave the session with helpful tips and resources to move donors through the giving cycle.

Workshop participants will learn:

  • How to broaden their donor base
  • How to segment their donor base
  • How to engage donors throughout the giving cycle

Topic:  Effective Planning & Introduction of New Programs

Innovation and strategic programs are often the key to a nonprofit organization meeting its measurable goals across outreach, philanthropy, publicity, and more. Through visual presentations, lively discussions, and brainstorming activities, participants will examine the development of effective programs. This course is designed for individuals who play any role in the success of a program – from marketing and grant writing to implementation and evaluation. Learn how to utilize your organization’s own unique resources, meet specific organizational goals, and connect with your audience by maximizing programmatic opportunities that align with your mission.

Workshop participants will learn:

  • How to examine the effectiveness of programs
  • How to develop effective programs

Topic: The Board’s Role in Fundraising

Before you start recruiting new board members, it is essential that you answer this question:

What do you want board members to do for your organization? For many organizations, the answer includes fundraising and maintaining a culture of philanthropy. Join Cindy Colson, CNE Deputy Director of Strategic Partnerships, to understand the role that every board member can play in ensuring the organization has the resources it needs to thrive.

Workshop participants will learn:

  • How board members create and cultivate a culture of philanthropy
  • How board members can engage donors
  • How board members can use storytelling and data to support fundraising efforts

Topic:  Developing a Major Gifts and Planned Giving Program

A significant financial gift from a donor signals a level of commitment to your agency’s mission. Typically, these “major gifts” constitute the top 10% of your agency’s revenue. In this two-hour workshop, we will explore how to cultivate major gifts, how to begin the conversation about a planned gift, how to manage expectations of the donor and how to be excellent stewards of these investments. Come join the conversation!