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Vilsack:  Government, Foundations need to partner

Another reason Community Foundations make sense:

How To Make Philanthropy A Family Affair

Forbes, By Betsy Brill, 4/19/11

Involving children and grandchildren in philanthropic activities plays an important role in preparing younger generations for wealth and responsibility. Multigenerational discussions about charitable giving plans and priorities can go a long way toward ensuring the successful transfer of wealth and the continuity of values.
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Community Foundations Know Their Local Needs

The Denver Post, By Bruce DeBoskey, 4/17/11

Community foundations are an invaluable resource for philanthropists who want to address important issues and make an impact in their own communities. The first community foundation was formed in 1914 in Cleveland. Within five years, they sprouted in Boston, Chicago, Buffalo, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. Today, there are more than 700 community foundations in the U.S. with over $31 billion in combined assets, distributing more than $2.5 billion annually to charitable organizations across the country.
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