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Lewis Coiner Leadership Award

Mr. Lewis Coiner

The Community Foundation established what is presently known as the Lewis Coiner Leadership Award in 2002 to recognize residents of our community who have distinguished themselves through their exemplary history of altruism and community leadership, particularly through the advancement of our community’s charitable interests.

This award pays respect to its namesake and first recipient, Mr. Lewis Coiner, for his remarkable contributions to the establishment and early success of our Community Foundation.

We do not present this award each year, but rather on the occasion of receiving the nomination of a truly exceptional individual. In honor of our 25th anniversary, we invited¬†our community¬†to submit¬†nominations for our next Lewis Coiner Leadership Award recipient. We will honor the recipient at a special event in 2018, and award $10,000 to the Award recipient’s favorite charitable organization(s). Nomination deadline¬†was January 31, 2018.

Past Honorees:

Lewis Coiner, 2002

Barbara Hunter Grant, 2008

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