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Community Grants: Did You Know?

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Every year, we invite nonprofit organizations serving the independent cities of Staunton and Waynesboro, and the counties of Augusta, Nelson and Highland to apply for financial support from our Community Grants Program.  While the Community Foundation does not have specific funding priorities for this program, we do favor those organizations addressing clearly-identified community issues and opportunities, while also building their organizational capacity and sustainability.  We asked each applicant to elaborate upon the community issue or opportunity upon which their organization is focused.  To this end, we hope that as you review the grant application summaries you will appreciate learning more about these needs and opportunities and how the nonprofit community is responding.

The Foundation distributed nearly $1 million in 2017 in the form of grants, scholarships, and awards, of which we presented $335,000 to area nonprofit organizations through our Community Grants Program.  This is made possible each year thanks to our generous donors who created Unrestricted Funds and Field of Interest Funds, which we hold in endowment and invest for long-term growth.  We withdraw an annual distribution from each fund to generate the resources for our Community Grants Program in perpetuity.  Within these pages you can explore summaries of the 107 grant applications, collectively representing over $765,000 in requests, which we received for 2018.

Why is the Community Foundation sharing these applications with me?

In an effort to generate greater awareness of the issues and opportunities brought to our attention through the Community Grants Program, we want to share these grant application summaries with the entire community.  It is our hope that it both educates and inspires each reader to consider how they can contribute their time and resources to advancing the important work represented within these pages.

Community Grants Program Timeline

  • November 2018:  Community Grant Program Opens
  • February 11, 2019:  Community Grant Program Application Deadline
  • May 2019:  Community Grant Program Announcements
  • June 2019:  Community Grant Awards Ceremony

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 540-213-2150 or if you have any questions about our Community Grants Program, specific grant proposals, or how community members establish funds within the Community Foundation.

2018 Community Grant Summaries