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Dawbarn Education Awards

2017 Dawbarn Education Award Recipients

Do you know someone in our community who routinely surpasses the expectations of their job to ensure that students in our public schools have the best possible educational experience?  If so, consider nominating them for a prestigious 2018 Dawbarn Education Award. Nominations will be due in September 2018.

In 1992, H. Dunlop “Buz” Dawbarn established a fund to improve education in his local community by providing cash awards to individuals who have most successfully inspired, encouraged, and fostered learning in young people below the college level. He had a particular interest in public school education. Additionally, because of high teen pregnancy rates, Mr. Dawbarn also had an interest in effective mentoring and tutoring to encourage young women to remain and succeed in school.

Along with exceptional teachers, some of the best educators are guidance counselors, coaches, secretaries, administrators, custodians, volunteers, bus drivers, mentors, parents, community leaders, and others.

The Dawbarn Education Awards honor those individuals who have most successfully:

  • Encouraged students to reach their full potential,
  • Inspired young people to set educational goals, and
  • Fostered a lifelong appreciation of learning in our youth.

Since the establishment of the Dawbarn Education Awards in 1992, the Foundation has distributed over $1.6 million, through 237 Dawbarn Education Awards, to recognize extraordinary commitment to inspiring education and learning among the young people of our public schools. At a ceremony on November 8th, we presented awards of $10,000 to each of ten individuals during the 24th Annual Dawbarn Education Awards Ceremony.

“To have any worth an award must have competition. To be nominated is an honor in itself.” — Buz Dawbarn

Self-nomination or nominations by immediate family members is not permitted. Please contact Cristina Casado at 540-213-2150 or with questions.

Former Dawbarn Education Award Recipients