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The Jamin Fund

In January 2007, Charles and Becky Wilson came to the Community Foundation with heavy hearts and a handful of checks. In a tragic auto accident while stationed on a military base in Germany and just before Christmas, their eldest son, Jamin Wilson, was killed. Few things in life are as tragic as losing a child and the grief is deep and profound. As they buried their child, they received an outpouring of care and compassion—and a desire on the part of those who knew and loved their son, to remember him in an everlasting way. Friends and colleagues, eager to focus their grief in something positive, asked how they could help. They wanted to know where they could send a check as an expression of their care and value for Jamin’s life. Touched by the outpouring of care, Jamin’s parents responded with the plan to set up a fund, in memory and honor of Jamin, to benefit the interests and causes important to Jamin during his life. Upon making this decision, the checks started coming in and the Wilson’s established The Jamin Fund with The Community Foundation. The Wilsons further shared stories of their son, such as learning of his letters upon graduation to high school teachers, thanking them for their instruction. And the story behind his accident, where he was to attend a weekly meeting and was killed while traveling to pick up a new officer that he wanted to help shepherd in the new officer’s early days at the base. The Community Foundation cannot take away the profound sadness in the Wilson family’s loss, but we are deeply honored to have the opportunity to help the Wilson family in creating a fund that will forever remember his life through gifts to the causes that Jamin held dear in his lifetime. The Wilsons welcome gifts to the Jamin Fund for those who wish to support young people in need of scholarships to pursuing higher education, teacher recognition, and to support our nation’s military at military bases.

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