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Scholarship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Scholarship Program?

In 2014, the Community Foundation Scholarship Program will offer financial assistance over $50,000 to Staunton, Waynesboro, Augusta and Nelson County high school seniors and adults, pursuing studies at an accredited college, university or vocational school through separate scholarship funds. The scholarship funds have been established by generous donors, including individuals, families and organizations from our community.

Scholarship recipients are selected on a competitive basis, considering academic and non-academic factors and demonstrated financial need. Some of the funds target students from specific areas of interest, including high school attended, cultural background and academic/career focus. Scholarship awards range from $500 to $3,600 with some being renewable for up to four years.

2.  Does it cost anything to apply for a scholarship?

No, there is no cost to apply and the scholarship money does not need to be paid back.

3.  How is scholarship eligibility determined?

Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements defined by the individual, business, or organization that created the scholarship. The criteria and requirements are listed under each scholarship description.

NOTE: Applicants who are current employees or volunteers, contractors, or members of the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge Board of Directors, or who are related to employees, contractors, volunteers or board members are not eligible to apply. In addition, individuals who are related to scholarship fund representatives are ineligible to apply for that particular scholarship.

4.  Who qualifies for a scholarship?

People often think of scholarships as being based on either merit or athletic ability; however, this is not always the case. Many of the Community Foundation’s scholarships are based on financial need, attending a particular school or pursuing a specific course of study. Please contact the Community Foundation at or 540-213-2150 if you have questions regarding your eligibility for scholarships. Guidance Counselors at each area high school are also familiar with the Community Foundation scholarships and can assist with questions.

5.  May I apply for and receive more than one scholarship?

Yes, so long as you meet the criteria for each scholarship for which you are applying.

6.  How much will I receive if I am selected as a recipient?

Awards for each scholarship vary depending upon the criteria, number of students selected, student’s financial need, and other circumstances. Scholarships range from $500 to $3,600, with the average award being $1,000.

7.  Do I receive a check if I am awarded a scholarship?

No, all scholarship checks are made payable to your college/university and are sent directly to  the financial aid or scholarship office. There are no exceptions to this rule. In most cases the scholarship will be divided into two equal payments, one for the fall semester and one for the spring semester. If you are selected for a scholarship, the Community Foundation will send you a packet with instructions outlining needed documentation.

8.  Will I be notified even if I do not receive an award?

Yes, you will be notified via email. Feel free to call if you have questions.

9.  Who can help with my scholarship questions?

Each area high school’s Guidance Counselor(s) and/or GRASP Advisor can assist with your scholarship questions.

Please contact Menieka Garber at the Community Foundation if you need additional assistance.

540-213-2150 or

10.  Where do I send a thank you note?

You may address a thank you note to the Scholarship name and send it to:

Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge
P.O. Box 815
Staunton, VA  24402

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