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$10,000 Awarded to Educators in Nelson County Public Schools
Aug 2, 2019

Through a fund created by Gordon and Mary Beth Smyth, and managed by the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge, the Nelson County Public Schools presented the 22nd Annual Smyth Education Awards at their opening meeting on Friday, August 2nd.  The Smyth Education Awards recognize and reward outstanding staff performance in the public schools of Nelson County. During the ceremony, the following ten individuals received a plaque and an individual cash award of $1,000.

Doris Bibb, a Language Arts teacher at Nelson Middle School, was recognized for her outstanding work and for creating activities devoted to the learning and growth of each student.  She was commended for her dedication to the academic progress of her students through her willingness to offer after-school tutoring during the school year.

Regina Campbell, an Instructional Aide within the Bright Star Pre-K Program at Tye River Elementary School, was selected for her creativity, enthusiasm, and for her willingness to work at her home on projects designed to enhance the learning of the students who she serves.

Kristi Dedor, an Early Childhood Education Teacher (Pre-K) at Tye River Elementary School, was recognized for her outstanding work in improving the verbal and social skills of her students.  She has earned the respect and admiration of parents for the marked progress that their children have made under her compassionate and professional care.

Nora Hagar, a Fourth Grade Teacher at Tye River Elementary School, was selected for her outstanding work as an enthusiastic teacher who guides the academic progress of each student with genuine professional care. She was commended for her positive and openly-friendly effect upon all of the students, teachers, staff members, and administrators of her school.

Suzanne Hauschner, an Alternative Education and GED teacher at Nelson County High School, was praised for her outstanding work and cooperation with other classroom teachers as she compassionately and patiently worked with her students.  She was commended for tutoring and encouraging her students and for her dedication and hard work as the sponsor of the Honor Society at Nelson County High School.

Janet Hudson, the Food Services Manager at Nelson County High School/Nelson Middle School was recognized as an outstanding manager who is professional, friendly, and extremely competent.  She was praised as a hard worker who understands that the first priority of her assignment is to serve the nutritional needs of her clients.

Marvin Martin, a Custodian at Nelson County High School, was selected for his outstanding work and as someone who is always willing to accommodate special teacher requests. He was particularly commended for his ever-present friendliness to everyone around him and for his positive effect upon the learning environment.

Cristi Massie, a Fifth Grade Teacher at Tye River Elementary School, was recognized as an innovative teacher who designs many creative projects for all of her students, particularly for those students she teaches in a collaborative math and science class.  She was commended for her willingness to use her lunch time and her planning period to provide tutoring to students.

Cole Ramsey, an Agriculture Teacher/FFA Sponsor at Nelson County High School, was recognized as an excellent teacher who provides well-planned, meaningful, hands-on lessons for his students.  He was selected for his dedication to the educational progress of each student and for encouraging them to strive for his/her best. He was commended for his hard work and for his devotion to the Agriculture/FFA Program.

Brandy Watts, a Second Grade Teacher at Rockfish River Elementary School, was recognized as an innovative teacher who uses creative techniques and projects throughout the curriculum to give each of her students’ hands-on learning experiences. She was commended for the formation of a Girls’ Science Club which met regularly after school to learn more about science through hands-on experiments.

About Gordon and Mary Beth Smyth:

Gordon and Mary Beth Smyth lived in Nellysford for nearly thirty years.  They have been tremendously supportive of education in Nelson County.  In addition to establishing the Smyth Education Awards, they have provided college scholarships for students and professional development grants for teachers.  Gordon Smyth, a graduate of Lehigh University and forty-two year veteran of the DuPont Company, passed away in 2011.  Mary Beth Smyth resides in Charlottesville.


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