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Community Foundation Announces 2016 Scholarship Recipients
Sep 16, 2016

We are thrilled to announce the names of thirty-nine recipients receiving a total of $57,675 in support from our scholarship funds. Generous donors to the Community Foundation have created over 30 scholarship endowments for high school students, college-bound high school seniors, and adult learners. Visit our scholarship page for more information or contact our staff.

2016 Community Foundation Scholarship recipients:

Anum Adrees, Lindsay Ree Hyson Memorial Scholarship, $5,000

Benjamin Keith Agnor, Community Scholarship for Excellence, $1,100 and INVISTA Waynesboro Scholarship, $1,500

Paetyn Olivia-Liberty Beverly, A. Gordon Houff Memorial Scholarship, $950

Abigail L. Cassell, Christopher DeWitt “Chris” Rockwell Memorial Scholarship, $500

Corey Lee Davis, R.S. Yeago, Jr. Scholarship, $1,000

Kimberly J. Daw,  Roy B. Martin Memorial Scholarship, $1,925

Jillian E. Dudley,  Louis & Emily M. Spilman Scholarship, $975

Carly Erin Edwards,  Martin Lightsey Scholarship for Technical Education, $2,000

Micaela C. Escudero, Ganelle Hargrove Cook Scholarship, $1,500

Danna G. Gallego-Garcia, Louis & Emily M. Spilman Scholarship, $975

Kayla Denise Graham, Kenneth L. Jones Memorial Scholarship, $2,000

Tessa Lee Hickman, Fritz and Mary Rogers Stout Memorial Scholarship, $500

Norah M. Hunt, Roy B. Martin Memorial Scholarship, $1,925

Jennifer M. Jarosz, Norman St. Laurent Scholarship, $2,000

Cinthia P. Jimenez, Ganelle Hargrove Cook Scholarship, $1,000

Daniel E. Jones, John W. Greene Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

David D. Jones, John W. Greene Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

Kizh’ae Khan, Roy B. Martin Memorial Scholarship, $1,925

Sarah K. Kullman, Mark Tinsley Scholarship, $1,000

Marianela Laconi, Ganelle Hargrove Cook Scholarship, $1,500

Dalton Levi Lafferty, Mark Tinsley Scholarship, $1,000

Jenifer Elizabeth Lantz, V. Francis & Susan S. Reynolds Scholarship, $2,000

Danielle S. McCormick, John W. Greene Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

Brooklyn K. McLain, Morgan R. Funk Memorial Scholarship, $500

Mahek Rakesh Mehta, Martin Lightsey Scholarship for Technical Education, $3,000

Savannah A. Melton, John W. Greene Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

Tyra A. Meredith, Montebello Scholarship, $2,000

Madalyn Nicole Mongold, Ethel Driver Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

Sarah Jo Peer, Peter Veglahn Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

Zachary A. Pereles, Louis & Emily M. Spilman Scholarship, $975

Austin Garrett Putnam, R.S. Yeago, Jr. Scholarship, $900

Katherine M. Quigley, Roy B. Martin Memorial Scholarship, $1,925.00

Haley P. Sanders, Martin Lightsey Scholarship for Technical Education, $1,000

Laurel E. Scheeren, Louis & Emily M. Spilman Scholarship, $975

Ann I. Sheehy, Richard A. Hobbs Scholarship, $2,000

Nerio Teran Vazquez, Waynesboro High School Alumni Scholarship, $1,200

Khai T. Vien, Roy B. Martin Memorial Scholarship, $1,925

Ryan Ebony Washington, Montebello Scholarship, $2,000

Keelin Coltrane Wolfe, Robert E. Lee High School Memorial Scholarship, $1,000


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