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Community Foundation Announces 2016 Smyth Education Awards
Aug 25, 2016

Through a fund created by Gordon and Mary Beth Smyth, and managed by the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge, the Nelson County Public Schools presented the 19th annual Smyth Education Awards at their opening meeting on Tuesday, August 5th.  The Smyth Education Awards recognize and reward outstanding staff performance in the public schools of Nelson County. During the ceremony, in which Mrs. Smyth participated, the following ten individuals received a plaque and an individual cash award of $1,000.

Tom Allen, a Special Education teacher at Nelson County High School, was selected for his efforts to create the “Book Bus,” which travels throughout Nelson County with a supply of books for use by Nelson County students.

Madalyn Bell, an Algebra 1 teacher at Nelson County High School, was selected for her work with students who have special needs and learning difficulties, her sponsorship of the National Honor Society at the High School, and her professional work with the Nelson County Education Association.

Patricia Beverly, a pre-school instructional aide at Tye River Elementary School, was selected for her attention to detail as a substitute teacher, her control of the classroom, and her ability to deal with learning and behavioral challenges.

Tracey Fix, an Instructional Assistant at Rockfish River Elementary School, was selected for her willingness to assist within her school not only as an Instructional Assistant in fourth and fifth grade classes but also for her work within a self-contained classroom and with several first grade students.

Adrienne Harvey, a fifth grade math and reading teacher at Rockfish River Elementary School, was selected for her hands-on learning activities and passion for her subjects, along with her leadership for “Girls on the Run,” the annual school musical, the Student Council Association, and the peer student tutoring program.

Haley Osborne, a Virginia Studies and reading teacher of fourth graders at Rockfish River Elementary School, was selected for the dedication she displays to the learning of every child within her school as the chair of the Growth and Learning Team.

Mary Pallone, the Data Specialist for Nelson County Public Schools, was selected for her competence, her willingness to take on additional tasks, her timeliness with all reports, and her exemplary work on the newly-initiated Longitudinal Data System.

Morgan Robertson, a music teacher at Rockfish River Elementary School, was selected for her positive, enthusiastic, and creative work, along with her many contributions to the total school program at her school, including the school Chorus, “Girls on the Run”, and the Student Council Association.

Maureen Serban, a fourth grade teacher at Tye River Elementary School, was selected for her dedication to the learning needs of every one of her students. She is a differentiation master who spends hours creating games, learning centers, and helpful individual lessons which increase and enhance her students’ skill levels.

Meghan Shortt, a Special Education / pre Algebra teacher at Nelson Middle School, was selected as an enthusiastic and creative teacher who uses fun activities to facilitate learning by all of the her students, her willingness to take on duties outside the classroom, and her excellent work and success as a first year coach of an undefeated Middle School soccer team.

About Gordon and Mary Beth Smyth Gordon and Mary Beth Smyth lived in Nellysford for nearly thirty years.  They have been tremendously supportive of education in Nelson County.  In addition to establishing the Smyth Education Awards, they have provided college scholarships for students and professional development grants for teachers.  Gordon Smyth, a graduate of Lehigh University and forty-two year veteran of the DuPont Company, passed away in 2011.  Mary Beth Smyth resides in Charlottesville.



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