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Community Grants: Did you know?
Apr 8, 2016

Through a new initiative, the Community Foundation is offering everyone a glimpse inside its Community Grants Program.  Each year, the Foundation invites nonprofit organizations serving Staunton, Waynesboro, and the counties of Augusta, Nelson, and Highland to submit proposals requesting support for their charitable work.  Seventy nine organizations recently completed their proposals, and the Foundation’s Grants Committee is busy deciding how best to allocate its available funding.

“I often hear from members of our committee that they are inspired by the charitable work they read about in these proposals,” noted Dan Layman, CEO of the Community Foundation.  “That reaction inspired us to offer the community at large an opportunity to see what we see.”

Foundation staff condensed each of the 79 proposals into one-page summaries, which everyone can now view.

“If by reviewing these summaries someone simply becomes more aware of the remarkable charitable work underway in our community,” added Layman, “then we will consider this effort a success.”  However, the Foundation also hopes that individuals will choose to develop personal connections with local nonprofit organizations that share their concerns and hopes for our community.

The Foundation’s challenge to the community is simple.  If you are inspired by what you read in these summaries, consider how you can help them create a brighter future.  Each person has much to contribute.  Whether it is through a gift of time, expertise, or money, everyone can be a philanthropist in one way or another.


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