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Nonprofit Planning Calendar

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Welcome to our community’s Nonprofit Planning Calendar!

Who should use this calendar? 

This calendar should be used by nonprofits in  Staunton, Waynesboro, and the counties of Augusta, Nelson, and Highland as a tool to share information with one another regarding upcoming events and other pending activities.  The initial objective of this calendar is to create a planning resource for the nonprofit community, in part to help alleviate overlapping events, duplication of efforts, etc.  While it is not our intent to market this calendar to all residents of our community, we will assess that potential in the future.

Who adds items to the calendar?

We designed this calendar so you, as a nonprofit leader, staff, or volunteer, can add and edit your organization’s calendar entries on your own. You do not need to inform Foundation staff of new calendar entries.

How do I begin?

To add a calendar entry you will need a login ID and password.  This is the same ID (your email address) and password you use for our Charity Trail online feature if you have already used Charity Trail.  If you have not already created that ID and password, the new nonprofit calendar will prompt you to create an ID and password.  If you ever forget your password, please use the password reset function.  Once you have entered your ID and password, you may begin adding items to the calendar.  Special Feature: You may label your calendar entries as “tentative” if you are still exploring dates, and then edit those entries when you have confirmed your event details.  Note: You do not need to enter an ID or password if you simply wish to view existing calendar entries.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Miriam Burrows at or 540-213-2150 if you are experiencing difficulty logging in, creating or editing calendar entries, or have suggestions for the continued development of this calendar.

Feedback and Suggestions: As this is a new resource for the nonprofit community, we anticipate the need for revised or new features.  We need and welcome your feedback and suggestions so that we can make this the best possible resource for you.

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