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Fundraising Workshop

This workshop is now full. We are not accepting any additional registrations at this time.

Due to the high level of interest in the fundraising workshop that we offered earlier this year, we have scheduled another presentation of this workshop on December 2 from 10:30am—2:30pm.  The workshop, which is designed to help elevate your Board’s ability to play a leading role in fundraising, will take place in the Plecker Workforce Center at Blue Ridge Community College.

Workshop Topics

Part 1: The Role of the Board in Fundraising (10:30am—12:00pm, followed by lunch)

In this segment we will outline the key elements necessary to building an effective fundraising board, including the board’s role in fundraising. Participants will leave the workshop with a greater understanding of:

  • the board’s role in fundraising
  • the importance of board leadership and why it is essential to successful fundraising
  • how to build an effective fundraising board
  • the key traits to look for in potential board members
  • how to orient the board and prepare them for their role in fundraising
  • how successful nonprofit boards operate
Part 2: Making a Successful Major Gift Ask (1:00—2:30pm)

Beginning a major gifts program, scaled appropriately to your organization, is crucial to the success of a nonprofit’s fundraising program. In this segment we will show staff and board members how they can begin a program through which they focus on cultivating and soliciting larger contributions.  Workshop participants will learn the importance of building relationships, the basic steps for an effective solicitation and the role of the board in major gift calls.  This segment will include:

  • how to begin a program that moves donors toward a major gift solicitation
  • the importance of building relationships
  • how to know when it’s the right time to ask
  • the basic steps for an effective solicitation
  • the role of the board in major gift calls

We are offering this opportunity for a registration fee of only $50, which permits each participating nonprofit organization to send two representatives.  The ideal combination would be a Board officer accompanied by a senior staff member or staff responsible for fundraising.  However, volunteer-run organizations are welcome to send two Board members. We need to limit seating to the first twenty nonprofit organizations registering for this workshop.

The Curtis Group will lead the two-part workshop.  Based in Virginia Beach, they are very familiar with philanthropy in our region.  The Curtis Group presently serves as campaign advisors to the Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation.

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