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Hope Reborn of War

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The Community Foundation is honored to have played a role in Hope Reborn of War: The story of a World War II military hospital, a world famous rehabilitation center, and a unique educational community in Fishersville, Va.  Grants to the Augusta County Historical Society  from our Carroll & Grace “Patsy” Guynn Memorial Fund, one of our many donor-advised funds, supported the creation of a 356-page paperback book by Nancy Sorrells that includes a 42-minute DVD documentary by Connie Doebele. Hope Reborn of War chronicles the history of the creation of the Woodrow Wilson General Hospital that opened its doors in 1943. After the war, the hospital was repurposed into a consolidated high school (Wilson Memorial High School), the first state comprehensive rehabilitation center in the world (Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center), a technical school (Woodrow Wilson Technical School), and a unique neighborhood. The story of the hospital, the rehabilitation center, the schools, and the neighborhood are told through the eyes of those who lived, worked, and visited this special geographical spot.  We encourage you to visit the website of the Augusta County Historical Society where you can order copies of Hope Reborn of War, the proceeds of which support the continued work of the Augusta County Historical Society.

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