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Unrestricted Funds

Bill and Lisa Moore Unrestricted Fund*

Gertrude M. Fendley Fund*

H.E. Coiner  Trust ^

James P. Whitworth Fund*

J.B. “Gus” Stombock Memorial Unrestricted Fund*

Kelling Unrestricted Endowment Fund*

L. Dal and Jane F. Simmons Unrestricted Fund*

Leonard and Jane Penland Unrestricted Fund*

Leonard and Jane Penland Unrestricted Endowment Fund*

Lewis M. Coiner Unrestricted Endowment Fund*

McKee Foods Corporation Unrestricted Fund*

Walter and Marelia Dixon Memorial Fund*

Warren and Jean Mundy Unrestricted Fund*

White Family Fund*

* = Charitable Endowment

^ = Non-Endowed Charitable Fund

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