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Shenandoah Valley Art Center

Waynesboro, VA

Amount Requested: $10,000 for a Street Art Festival

Mission: Shenandoah Valley Art Center seeks to increase the visibility of the visual arts in the community through creating and fostering exhibits, programs, fellowship, and economic and creative opportunities for artists of all ages and abilities.

Constituents Served: Everyone is welcome at the Art Center and we allow all of our members to exhibit in our monthly member’s exhibits. Visitors to SVAC: 5184.  Of those, approximately 2000 were under 18.

Program Overview: The Waynesboro Street Art Festival is a visual and performing arts festival highlighting contemporary urban arts with a multicultural theme reflective of the representative of the Basic City, Waynesboro area. Murals, graffiti, stencil art, live painting, hip-hop, dubstep, latin music, and other formats will be featured alongside local food trucks featuring ethnic fare.

The Waynesboro Street Art Festival is on a mission to bring new arts and culture to the front stage in Waynesboro. We will be featuring regionally known graffiti and other street art artists, local and emerging artists, and local food trucks with ethnic fare. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the diversity of our modern times and to bring visibility to an often overlooked section of town. Basic City is a small pocket community in Waynesboro where there is a rich mixture of cultural backgrounds, thriving small businesses, and manufacturing.  This is a family friendly event for which there is no admission fee.  It is our hope that after the festival a commemorative mural will be painted somewhere in the city. Over the course of several years these murals will create a destination activity of their own.

The inaugural Waynesboro Street Art Festival was a small event created and managed by Ian McRae of E-N Computers in 2015. After following graffiti-friendly walls throughout Virginia for 15 years, Ian formed relationships with graffiti and mural artists. He learned from these artists that it is hard to find a safe and legal place to paint.  Young artist risk arrest and injury painting trains and public spaces illegally.  Once an artisan matures and has perfected their craft, they soon have family and community obligation and no longer can risk painting illegally. Inspired by seeing mature artists travel hundreds of miles to paint legally, Ian invited artists, musicians, and food vendors together for an afternoon of live painting at his business location in Basic City, Waynesboro. The underground festival was well attended and received (estimated 200 people) with a great cross section of cultural and economic demographics represented.  Attendees traveled regionally as well as from as far away as North Carolina, New Jersey, and Virginia Beach. The Festival attracted a wide variety of demographics. Cultural stakeholders, who have been searching for programming and events to create inclusion and a positive environment for crossing cultural divides in Waynesboro, wish to see this festival continue. It is the hope of Ian McRae and Shenandoah Valley Art Center to growth the festival as an alternative arts and music event to cross cultural bridges while bolstering tourism and the economic climate in Basic City, which is a pocket community in Waynesboro. The 2016 Festival is scheduled for August 20.

Current Operating Budget: $120,000

Program Budget: $12,500

Funding Already Committed for Program: $2,500

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