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The MaDee Project

The MaDee Project was established in 2010 in memory of MaDee Nicole Boxler, sister of our Board member Abby Arey. MaDee battled pediatric cancer from 2008-2010 and it was her strong spirit while battling this disease that became the inspiration of this project.

Since its beginning in 2010, The MaDee Project has received referrals from University of Virginia Children’s Hospital, local school systems, and friends and family members of those battling pediatric cancer.  Families that qualify for support from The MaDee Project have received a monthly check to assist them with medical expenses and other costs associated with the treatment and care of their child until they are no longer receiving treatment. 

In most cases of pediatric cancer, one of the parents or the only parent will need to quit their job or take a leave of absence in order to provide the daily care for their child and make the countless trips to hospitals for treatments. That loss of income is an added stressor during an already traumatic period of that family’s life. The MaDee Project has been there for numerous families since 2010, helping to reduce that stress. 

We have admired the wonderful work of The MaDee Project for many years, and we are thrilled that it joined our growing family as a charitable program within the Community Foundation in April 2022.