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Lindsay Ree Hyson Memorial Scholarship

Lindsay Ree Hyson

The Lindsay Ree Hyson Memorial Scholarship was established in 2009 by her parents, in loving memory of their daughter and in honor of her life. Lindsay, a freshman at Waynesboro High School, enjoyed spending time with friends and was involved in many extracurricular activities, including dance, music and photography. Lindsay’s life was brief but very full, and in her fourteen years she greatly impacted all who knew her.


The Lindsay Ree Hyson Memorial Scholarship was established to provide funds for college scholarships to graduating seniors of Waynesboro High School. Recipients must have specific interest and participation in any of the Arts, including, but not limited to: dance, theater, vocal/instrumental performance or composition, visual arts, graphic arts or photography.


  • An eligible applicant must be a senior at Waynesboro High School.
  • An eligible applicant must demonstrate excellence in participation in any of the Arts, including, but not limited to: dance, theater, vocal/instrumental performance or composition, visual arts, graphic arts or photography.
  • An eligible applicant must demonstrate leadership and service to the community.
  • An eligible applicant must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 (4.0 scale).
  • To be eligible, the student must be nominated for this scholarship by someone outside of his or her family.
  • An eligible student must be a candidate for high school graduation at the end of the current academic year and plan to enroll at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university in the Continental United States the following academic year.

Selection Criteria Used by the Selection Committee

  • Commitment, Excellence, and Involvement in the Arts- 50%
    • To commit is to pledge oneself to a certain purpose or line of conduct. Excellence is defined as aspiring to the fullness of one’s potential, always in pursuit of a higher standard, determined to do everything somehow better than it ever has been done before. Involvement is to engage in the sharing of activities of a group to create an environment in which people have an impact on decisions and actions that affect the success of the group.
  • Leadership and Service to the Community- 30%
    • Leadership is a process by which a person influences and directs others to accomplish an objective. Leaders carry out this process by applying their leadership attributes, such as beliefs, values, ethics, character, knowledge and skills. The basis of good leadership is honorable character and selfless service to others. Leadership affects a group’s objectives and their well-being. Community service is an activity, or series of activities, volunteered by individuals to benefit a community or its institutions. Community service is making a positive difference in another person’s life.
  • Academic Achievement- 20%
    • Academic achievement includes G.P.A. and level of participation in academically related school activities.
  • The candidate will be selected by the Waynesboro High School Scholarship Selection Committee for recommendation to the Community Foundation, in accordance with the Community Foundation’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

2018 Award Amount

To be determined, $5,000 was awarded in 2017

How to Apply


  • Each student is required to be nominated. The nominator must submit a brief letter of support for the nominee (student) using the Nomination button below.
  • The Nominator must be someone outside of the student’s family
  • Nominations may come from within Waynesboro High School or from outside of the school, i.e., instructors, coaches, clergy, mentor, etc.
  • The Nominator may nominate more than one student
  • Students may nominate other students


  • Upon being nominated, the nominee (applicant) must submit a Lindsay Ree Hyson Memorial Scholarship online application using the Apply Now button below.

Application and Nomination Deadline

March 5, 2018

Please contact the Community Foundation at 540-213-2150 or for additional information and/or clarification.