For good. For ever.®

Rita S. Wilson

The Tree of Life, at the center of the Rita Wilson Memorial Scholarship logo, symbolizes the values that guided Rita each and every day: The Importance of Family, Rooted in the Community, Providing Shade and Protection to those around her.

This scholarship serves to Motivate others to further Educate themselves and then use that education to Serve their communities.

Motivate– Rita Wilson motivated those around her by her education, her encouragement, and her drive to be the best she could be.  She motivated others to pursue their education dreams no matter their circumstances. This scholarship is dedicated to motivating continuing education scholars to pursue their passions as well. 

Educate– Rita Wilson strongly believed in education.  She was a lifelong learner.  This scholarship will help to further one’s education in their desired field.

Serve– Rita Wilson had a passion for serving her family and community.  She knew the importance of sharing her skills, knowledge, and experiences with others to help make our communities stronger and more united. 

We invite you to contribute to the Rita Wilson Memorial Scholarship. In doing so you are also contributing to a stronger, more united community.

Reflections on Rita Wilson from Makeba Robinson, the first recipient of the Rita Wilson Memorial Scholarship.

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