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Youth Philanthropy Council

The 2024 YPC Grant is OPEN!

2024 SAW YPC FUNDING PRIORITY: The Staunton, Augusta County, Waynesboro Youth Philanthropy Council (or SAW YPC) announces the availability of $30,000 in grant funding and invites nonprofit organizations to submit an application addressing the following priorities for all residents of the SAW community:

  1. Programs and services that equitably address and prevent homelessness as well as those who provide support for residents needing help meeting their basic needs.
  2. Programs and services that equitably provide access to mental health resources with an emphasis on substance abuse prevention and treatment.

*We define basic needs as anything which contributes to one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. This includes: safe, attainable and affordable HOUSING, food, childcare, access to the internet, basic hygiene products, and school supplies. Please note that we are interested in learning about programs and initiatives which attempt to PREVENT the crises which instigate these needs.


About Our YPC

The Community Foundation established its Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC) in 2008 to provide opportunities for local youth to practice philanthropic leadership skills by forming a grant making body. We believe that by including the voices and opinions of local youth in our community conversations, we can better understand our community while fostering in our future leaders a sense of local stewardship. The YPC is composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors from our local public and private high schools. Check out YPC in the news!

YPC Timeline 2023-2024